HARVEST 540 Grain-fertilizer seeder

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HARVEST 540 seeder is intended for drill seeding of grain-crops (wheat, rye, barley, and oats), leguminous plants (pea haricot beans, soya beans, pea everlasting, beans, lentil, chickpea, lupine) with introducing granulated mineral fertilizers. It may be used for planting of other crops similar to grain ones by the size of seeds and seeding rate (buckwheat, millet, sorghum, etc.).

The seeding rate is set by adjusting the working length of  the  coil,  group  adjusting  of  the  seeding  unit  valves  and changing the rotation rate of the seeding unit shaft.The  rate  of  fertilizer  application  is  adjusted  using  a  handle.

The grain seeding unit has a grooved coil. The profi led clutch is pulled into the seeding unit box or is pulled out of the box, and changes the coil length, which reduces or increases the seeding rate.

The gearbox has six transmitting ratios. The gear shifting is carried out by pressing the lever and its movement along the shaft of the gear train.To extend the range of gears, variable gears are shifted.Seeders are fi tted with separate gearboxes for grain and fertilizer seeding units.

The service life of coulters has been increased by 100% due to the use of modern technologies for processing boron steels.

The integral structure of the “coulter press  roller”  unit  allows  adjusting  the   coulter   to   a   predetermined   depth at 1 cm intervals.

The seeder is aggregated with the tractors of the 1,4 pulling force.
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Depth of seed treatment, mm 0-80
Fertilizer application rate, kg/ha 25-200
Fertilizer hopper capacity, l (dm3) 600
Number of coulters, pcs 36
Overall dimensions in position, mm 6850x2950x3300
Productivity, ha/h 4.8-6.5
Row-width spacing, cm 15
Seed hopper capacity, l (dm3) 1100
Seeding rate, kg/ha 0.5-400
Tractor power, HP 80
Transport speed, km/h 15
Weight, kg 2600
Working speed, km/h 9-12
Working width, m 5.4
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