TITAN 600 Grain-fertilizer seeder (mini-till)

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TITAN 600  grain  seeder  with  double-disk  single-row  coulters  and  press  rollers  is  intended  for  the  strip  seeding  of  grain,  medium-  and  small-seeded  legumes,  and  other  crops  that  are  similar  to  grain  crops  in  terms  of  the  seed  size  and  the  seeding amount, with the simultaneous application of granular mineral fertilizers into sown rows and the packing of soil after the mini-till or the traditional tilling techniques.It was created considering modern design solutions to signifi cantly reduce the cost of agricultural products on the market.

The coulter pressure on the soil The hydraulic positive pressure valve, the increased stiffness of the spring, as well as the reinforced drive group  design,  provide  for  the  coulter  pressure  of  80-130  kg,  to  sow  using  the  mini-till  technique  and  maintain a constant seeding depth.

The service life of coulters has been increased by 100% due to the use of modern technologies for processing boron steels.

The seeding rate is set by adjusting the working length of  the  coil,  group  adjusting  of  the  seeding  unit  valves  and changing the rotation rate of the seeding unit shaft.The  rate  of  fertilizer  application  is  adjusted  using  a  handle.

The grain seeding unit has a grooved coil. The profi led clutch is pulled into the seeding unit box or is pulled out of the box, and changes the coil length, which reduces or increases the seeding rate.

The gearbox has six transmitting ratios. The gear shifting is carried out by pressing the lever and its movement along the shaft of the gear train.To extend the range of gears, variable gears are shifted.Seeders are fi tted with separate gearboxes for grain and fertilizer seeding units.

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Depth of seed treatment, mm 0-80
Fertilizer application rate, kg/ha 25-200
Fertilizer hopper capacity, l (dm3) 750
Number of coulters, pcs 40
Overall dimensions in position, mm 7760x2360x2400
Productivity, ha/h 4.8-7.2
Row-width spacing, cm 15-17.5
Seed hopper capacity, l (dm3) 1250
Seeding rate, kg/ha 0.5-400
Tractor power, HP 100
Transport speed, km/h 15
Weight, kg 4500
Working speed, km/h 9-12
Working width, m 6.0
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