MULTICORN 560 all-purpose pneumatic seeder

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MULTICORN 560  all-purpose  pneumatic  seeders  are  designed  for  high-precision  seeding of calibrated seeds of corn, sunfl ower, castor beans, sorghum, soybeans as well as seeds of broad beans, kidney beans, and lupine with the simultaneous application of granular mineral fertilizer separately from seeds, and the packing of soil in rows.They can also be used to sow uncalibrated seeds; however, in this case, the accuracy will directly depend on the difference in size and the degree of damage to the seed.High-precision seeders are designed for sowing at the fi nal density to exclude manual labor for the formation of the desired plant spacing.

MULTICORN 560 seeders are trailed equipment and are aggregated with tractors with the power of min 80 hp.The positioning of the support and drive wheels axis in line with seed coulters leads to the synchronous terrain tracking by the frame as well as by the sowing section.

The low positioning of the seeding unit ensures the minimum distance from the seed discharge point to the seedbed, and guarantees the accuracy of sowing in the row

MULTICORN 560 seeders can be equipped with removable coulters for the seeding of corn and sunflower seeds.

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Depth of seed treatment, mm 40-120
Fertilizer application rate, kg/ha 50-350
Fertilizer hopper capacity, l (dm3) 900
Number of coulters, pcs 8
Overall dimensions for transport, mm 7700x2480x3200
Overall dimensions in position, mm 7200x2480x3600
Productivity, ha/h 2-5
Row-width spacing, cm 70
Seed hopper capacity, l (dm3) 240
Seeding rate, kg/ha 1.7-58
Tractor power, HP 80
Transport speed, km/h 15
Weight, kg 2500
Working speed, km/h 3.6-9
Working width, m 5.6
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